It does not seem like you have got any grounds that are good worry.

I do believe is in reality a pretty trait that is good dudes to possess a respectable amount of feminine buddies; this means which they do not sign up to the toxic (and prevalent) proven fact that women and men can never be friends because males only want to bone tissue. This means they see ladies as sentient and complex people, not merely sex objects – the reality that you state he is ‘not super laddy’ would seem to guide this interpretation. Like you have any evidence – I don’t see any issue here unless you have reason to believe that he’s f**king all his female friends – and it doesn’t sound.

Nevertheless, this insidious view – that males only ever wish intercourse from ladies, and so if they are buddies using them,

It is simply an effective way to an end – is truly pervasive within our culture (see ‘friendzone’, for instance). It is centered on a load of unhelpful, essentialist sex stereotypes, as well as in quick, it is bulls4hit. Continue reading