The First lesbian encounter with my closest friend

But this time around ended up being totally various because Stacy stated she had one thing she desired to let me know but she made me promise never to be angry at her. Immediately my heart began beating actually fast and my head began rushing to determine exactly what she could perhaps wish to let me know. We figured that she was going to let me know she had chose to head to a unique university and that we mightn’t be roommates for the next four amazing years. Which in all honesty will have broken my heart, but I would personally have grasped she would get the best education for her field because she needed to go where. After exactly exactly what appeared like an enternity we gradually shook my mind yes that I happened to be prepared to hear exactly what she needed to let me know, but at the same time she stated she had changed her brain together with chose to show me personally.

The next thing i understand this gorgeous young woman, my friend that is best since kindergarten had been waking up on the arms and knees and gradually coming towards me personally, stopping prior to her lips touched mine. Unexpectedly I felt the soft, succulent, and warm touch of her lips on mine along with her tiny but effective pink tongue parting my lips. I was therefore excited because We had liked this woman so long as i possibly could keep in mind, but We never ever thought she felt exactly the same way. We shut my eyes and offered each of myself to her. She began kissing me harder and faster by having a passion I experienced never ever seen before. With hers she was helping me slip out of my tank top while she was exploring my mouth. I attempted become as sexy because we had to take a two minute break and get my plain jane hair unraveled from the strap of my tank top as she was and not get tangled up in my clothes on the way out of them but the clothing Gods must have been off duty that night. Continue reading