A modern monetary dilemma: Will I retire before paying down my student education loans?

Why We Penned This

What lengths into people’s everyday lives should student debt reach? While the amount owed by older Americans climbs, concerns arise about anything from results in the economy from what aids are needed to simply help individuals get solvent.

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  • By Stacy Teicher Khadaroo Staff author

Gina Armer had effectively funded two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s level, then when she made a decision to begin a night doctoral system, she felt confident.

“I became thinking a PhD is my key towards the globe … and that once I graduated, trying to repay my student education loans could be a bit of cake. I happened to be 5 years into that level she says before I discovered that not all PhDs are equal.

The stories of older Americans – those trying to jump-start careers, or pay for their kids’ degrees – don’t usually take center stage among debates heating up around college costs. Continue reading