In most cases, we don’t pitch the “this kind should not set with that type”

Are particular character types more appropriate for INFJs?

Philosophy. But, it is a fact that one pairs will have more rapport naturally than the others making the connection more straightforward to navigate regarding the whole. Sharing positively no function set in accordance is a set-up for the relationship that’s planning to need a lot of work regarding the section of both lovers to be able to comprehend and appreciate the other person. Also, in my opinion having conflicting judging function pairs is more problematic than conflicting perceiving function pairs (in other words. Partnering an Te/Fi having an Fe/Ti is generally more problematic than partnering an Ne/Si and an Se/Ni).

Having said that, INFJs seem to complete well with NTP kinds, either INTP or ENTP, many thanks to shared judging systems (the Fe and Ti combination, simply backwards). Furthermore, the preference for instinct produces a unique relationship with respect to talking about the metaphysical and theoretical together. Continue reading