Link Your Shopify Shop to Mailchimp. In this short article, you’ll learn to link your Shopify shop to Mailchimp.

For connecting your Shopify store to Mailchimp you’ll need certainly to use a third-party integration or utilize our custom web site rule. With regards to the technique you decide on, you can include clients to your market, access effective e-commerce features, or produce more content that is targeted

In this specific article, you’ll learn to link your Shopify shop to Mailchimp.

Before you begin

Below are a few key things you should be aware of before you receive started.

The Mailchimp for Shopify integration continues to be open to you it, but is no longer available for new downloads if you are already using.

We highly recommend installing a third-party integration, like ShopSync or any other provider, just before disconnect the Mailchimp for Shopify integration. Once you install another integration, disconnect Mailchimp for Shopify.

If you opt to disconnect the Mailchimp for Shopify software before setting up an integration that is third-party promotions such as an item suggestion block might be disrupted. To prevent any mistakes, we advice pausing your active automations and produce new ones once you’ve set up the brand new integration.

To master how exactly to migrate your automations to ShopSync, take a look at how to change from Mailchimp for Shopify to ShopSync.

Once the integration is eliminated, historic information will continue to be in Mailchimp for approximately thirty day period. From then on true point, purchase information, plus some client information, will not be noticeable in Mailchimp.

Techniques to link

You can find a ways that are few one to utilize Shopify with Mailchimp. Take a good look at these choices to get the solution that actually works for you personally.

Connect ShopSync
ShopSync is our suggested integration allowing you to connect your Shopify store to Mailchimp. Continue reading