Benefit Neverending Genoa

BiiG Soliparty Koepi KELLER; Koepenicker Strasse 137, Berlin

→ Friday 27 December 2013

HOPE_by_zerocalcare20.00 Veggie n Vegan Vokü

21.00 ‘Black Block’ Doc. by C.Bachschimdt (eng sub.76″)

22.30 Knuckle up Cabaret – Knuckle up all stars

23.30 Lotterie (Paintings, Screenprints, Patches..)

00.00 IndusTrial – Hc – Acid-Tekno- SganSgan-Electro Sets:
Tks Tks

Chill out – Hip hop :

Charlie chacha

Soundsystem Monotonsystem

Berliner/innen Infogruppe der Genova-Gefangenen

NEW hip hop compilation on CD or USBsticks!

(DE) http://www.veritagiustizia.it/docs/deu/deutsch.php

(DE) http://www.umbruch-bildarchiv.de/bildarchiv/ereignis/g8gipfelgenua.html


(EN) http://www.wumingfoundation.com/english/wumingblog/?p=1945

(EN - ES) http://www.10x100.it/?page_id=36

(FR – ES) http://www.supportolegale.org/

(FR) http://quadruppani.blogspot.fr/2012/07/genes-2001-nous-avions-raison-nous.html

(ES) http://enfocant.net/noticia/genova-2001-i-la-sent-ncia-10x100-horitzonts-de-gl-ria

(DE - ES - FR - EN) http://genovalibera.so36.net/index.html

Cinema Ambulant Party Benefit @köpi Berlin

Kaometric Soliparty for Nomads Guinée
Benefit for 2014′s projects in Guinea Conakry

Friday the 20th of September … @ Köpi Berlin

Line up :

Egon Frinz – Ambient (Cagliostro – DE)
Oxoa Necronauts – Necrostep (Kaometry – SP)
LLamatron – Warstep (Peace Off/Ruff/Kaometry – FR)
Itzi – Bouncing Tribe (Monotonsystem – DE)
Johnny Sideways – Industrial Hardtek/Hardcore (Kaotek Wreckords – UK)
Stazma The Junglechrist Idm/Breakcore (Peace Off/Acroplane – Fr)
Xeroderman – Idm/Breakcore (Kaometry/Mozyk/Sociopath rec – BE)
TaOuch – Hardtek (Kaometry – DE)

Video Installation by sansculotte (hirntrust)
Sound support by Monotonsystem

All graphics made by Dstry Trxh


Egon Frinz

Oxoa Necronauts

Originally from the Breakcore scene, LLamatron is now claiming the Warstep term by producing a non-conventional hard dubstep music, savage and chaotic at the same time.
After a first EP, Mirror of War, on Accomodus, he joined the Peace Off label where his second EP, Ave Llama, came to life. Last fall, he started a new project with UK artist Gore Tech, and finished the soon-to-be-released Warhound EP on Rotator’s label.
His stunning rhythms and saturated bass will not leave you cold-hearted, but instead insufflate you a strong insane will to destroy your neighbor. enjoy life! – or survival?

Johnny Sideways
After making an impact on the UK’s underground scene around the turn of the century, Johnny made his vinyl début in 2003 on acid techno label Dirtbomb records, though by this time was already developing the harder, breakbeat infused tekno sound he would become renowned for, taking in influences from Hardcore Techno and the European Tribe/Hardtek sounds he was playing while DJ’ing for the legendary Desert Storm Soundsystem.
In 2005 he formed his own label Kaotek Wreckords, as an outlet for the hybrid sounds he and others were producing. Now having played countless livesets in destinations all over Europe, and a back catalogue spanning 10 years on labels such as Tekiteazy, Electrokanibal, Absolute Rhythm and more, Johnny Sideways chews up and spits out genres into a living wall of sound..improvised, upfront and engaging..a purists nightmare..and devastating on the dancefloor.

Stazma The Junglechrist
If Breakcore is dead, then Stazma the Junglechrist is the resurrection!
Hailing from the same French stock as Monster X, Rotator and the infamous Peace Off imprint, Julien Guillot has been smashing up raves all across Europe since his first release on Peace Off in 2008 and is showing no signs of slowing down.
Having taken the early breakcore ethos of genre mashing and amen splicing, Julien delivers his sound of rave, gabber, jungle and dub with a modern, tight production that seems synonymous with the French these days.
As well as making a name for himself with releases on Meganeural, Structural Damage and Peace Off, it is Stazma’s live show which displays his work best. A frenetic, yet finely tuned assault on the senses.
“It’s really very energetic, efficient and has all the elements to both kick out your sissy friends out of the club and make the rest party till late after dawn. Stormy, ravy breakcore.” Nic (Ad Noiseam)

Young belgian breakcore/IDM producer, Xeroderman started out in 2008.
Of influences going from the punk hardcore to the classical music, he participates in several compilations, spotted, among others, by labels Mozyk and Peace Off, and should soon bring out his first EP soon on Kaometry.
He’s slowly making his name and a place in the middle, and we can certainly believe that it is one of the most promising figures of the Belgian breakcore, to follow, thus, without moderation!



Benefit Nomads @Koepi

7th june 2013
@Koepi Keller
Koepenicker Strasse 137, Berlin

Infostand,vj dj and live set Benefit for Nomads projekts 2014

30-1-2013 Nomads Africa @ Zielona Gora

Internationalism and grassroots cooperation
20.00 Uhr: Vokü (vegane Solipizza)
21.00 Uhr: Nomads Africa präsentiert “Cinéma Ambulant Projet” (Travelling Cinema Project)
21.30 Uhr Doku: “Donka, Radioscope d’un hopital africaine” (Guinea 1997, Thierry Michel, 59 Min., frz. m. engl. UT) – Donka Hospital in Conakry, Guinea – the largest public hospital in the country – is similar to many African hospitals. Built in 1959 just before independence, it was designed based on a European model, with little consideration for the realities of Africa. The most important hospital in the country, its plight typifies the crisis affecting the entire African health sector. Over the years the hospital has accumulated substantial debt that neither the Guinean state nor international agencies will pay. Compelled to develop its financial autonomy, the hospital enforces a pay-as-you-go policy. This financial strategy is rigorously applied, but at a high human cost. In this hospital of last resort, families strive to save a child or parent, but without money, there are no drugs and little chance for survival. Revenues rise, but access to treatment diminishes.As we follow the floor-to-floor progress of patients, their families, doctors and nurses, portraits alternate to form a living chronicle where tragedy meets hope.


2. November Nomads Soliparty Berlin

Soliparty for Nomads Projects in Mexico and Guinée

22:00 h Vegan Voeku
2 dance floor
The feminist (Psichedelic Rock);
Ingrid und nachts kein secret (Experimentelle Muzik);
Continuous Variation ( Ensemble for french horn, flute, live electronics and dance);
.-.-. Soupe Total Animal .-.-.
The Bottle Boys (African Middle East & South American Tunes)
DJ Dolphins on Earth (Shadow Asiatic Dirty Garage) ,
The Dirty Immigrants (Dirty Salsa Gangsta Dubbafunk),
DJ Dolor (Caribbean Freaks);
Radarfilm (Fantomton Post Acid)Vj: Graedde;
Installations: Fattidarte, Headsquatter;
Cabaret: Roc_roc_it, Wireless 3.11;Nomads info stand

Logos festival della parola, ex SNIA Roma

L’11 Ottobre 2012 Inizia al CSOA ex snia, Logos, il festival della parola, 4 giorni di convegni, letture e stand di libri dedicati al concetto di terra, l’evento é  ad ingresso gratuito sino alle 21:00 .

Le case editrici esposte sono di ottima quaità e come spesso succede in Italia hanno di conseguenza una pessima distribuzione, vederli riuniti è un occasione, tra l’altro molte case editrici attuano dal 20 al 50% di sconto sul prezzo di copertina in occasione del festival, cosa di cui li ringraziamo personalmente visto che il prezzo della cultura in Italia è alto e spesso irragiungibile dai ceti bassi. Spiccano poesia, fumetto e illustrazione in mezzo ad una vasta offferta di libri di politica.

info pointNomads terrà uno stand, in collaborazione con l’associazione culturale JuniorArtClub incentrato sula cooperazione internazionale dal basso di agricoltura biologica.

Logos aderisce alle 2 settimane di informazione e azione diretta contro la normativa internazionale sul brevetto delle sementi che impedirebbe ai civili di utilizzare sementi derivati dalla coltivazione diretta, nel tentativo di renderci tutti clienti a vita delle multinazionali che stanno normalizzando l’OGM. Prime fra tutte la Monsanto che ha creato già dagli anni 90 la POLIZIA DEI SEMI con l’intento di scovare chi pratica l’inseminazione naturale e schiaccarli sotto la pressione di multe salatissime. Continue reading

19 Ottobre 2012

19 Oktober 2012
Nomads Tekno @ Koepi

20:00 uhr Vokue

21:00 uhr Performance  MICRO MACHINES ON FIRE

DJ/ Live set Line Up
Kali Yuga
Mike the Tunk
LNC Gang

VJset Aikia

NOMADS Info point

[eventi] REPRESSION IN COLOMBIA – september 26, 2012 – Berlin


Mercoledi 28 allo Zielona Gora [Grünbergerstr. 73, 10245 Berlin (U-Bhf. Samariterstrasse)] alle ore 21.00 cena popolare, dalle 22.00 presentazione del film documentario TIERRA DE MUJERES di Adriana Estrada (Messcio 2003, 56′).Questa iniziativa si inserisce nel ciclo di cene-presentazioni organizzate negli spazi berlinesi Zielona Gora e Xb per presentare la piattaforma Nomads e i suoi progetti attuali e futuri in Messsico, Guinea-Conakry, Palestina e Marocco.

Events NOMADS in Berlin
Wednesday 28 in Zielona Gora [Grünbergerstr. 73, 10245 Berlin (U-Bhf. Samariterstrasse)]
21:00 Soli Vegan Vokü
22:00 Kino: TIERRA DE MUJERES by Adriana Estrada (Mexico 2003, 56′)

Being indigenous in Chiapas, Mexico, generally means being poor and discriminated because of your dress, language, music, traditions and culture. And it’s even harder for indigenous women because they often have no rights even within their own society.

„ We indigenous women do not have good food. We do not have dignified housing. We do not have health services or education. We have no work programs, and so we scrape by in poverty. “

Comandante Esther’s Address to the Mexican Congress of the Union. March 28th, 2001

The EZLN uprising on January 1st 1994 was a turning point, at least for Zapatista women. Chiapanecan women organize in cooperatives, in religious women’s groups, in theatre projects and take responsibility for their own lives. Step by step they strike back in daily life, defend their villages against military incursions. Peasant women, teachers, believers, craftswomen, midwifes – they are all fighting for a better future, each one out of her own reality.

Tierra de mujeres“ – „Land of women“ is a testimonial of those developments. Accompanied by expressive pictures, women talk about their lives, their difficulties and fears, their hopes.